Jennifer Gwirtz plays with movement, technology and masks to reimagine the edges of her body and the shapes of her internal universe until they metamorphose into something greater than the sum of their parts. She started as a professional ballet dancer who has since studied Butoh, belly dance, contemporary dance, performance art, physical theater and classical voice, evolving these disciplines into a rich fusion of idea and action, a blend of the cerebral and sensual. In 1997 she earned her MFA from San Francisco Art Institute, where she won the McMillan Award.

In the 1990s she began to explore the intersections of the virtual and the physical. During her studies at San Francisco Art Institute she became interested in how the brain perceives and experiences liminal spaces. “Electroencephalograph: Mental Notes” was a vocal recital transposed from an electroencephalogram that recorded a seizure. It traveled to and was performed live in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Christchurch, New Zealand between 2000 and 2001.

Jennifer is a facilitator of events and ensembles, small and large performances, surprising cacophonies, choruses in plain sight, and tiny choreographies tucked away in corners that might be missed if the usher didn’t show you that they were there. Many years spent experimenting with site-specific performance space has led her to make pieces for theaters, galleries, private homes, public gathering places, park land, marshes, large trees, alleyways, the spaces in front of automatic teller machines and video screens, both on her own and while directing Right Brain Performancelab, a hybrid performance ensemble which was founded in 1999 and performed throughout the Bay Area. She currently teaches and makes work in Portland, Oregon.

Apryl Renee Pipe is a social practice dance artist who lives in Michigan by way of San Francisco, London and Hong Kong. A past resident of the Bay Area, she co-founded, co-directed and created work for Spinning Yarns Dance Collective and has collaborated with Right Brain Performancelab, a hybrid performance ensemble. She is an Executive Director and Arts Facilitator for London’s Bounce Theatre, a participatory arts organization in London whose mission is to bring theater to at-risk and economically disadvantaged populations. She has taught dance and held residencies in Arizona, California, Michigan and West Virginia. After earning her masters degree in Dance and Technology from Arizona State University, she was a member of ADaPT (The Association of Dance and Performance Telematics), an interdisciplinary association of artists, technologists and academics who explore online technology sites for performance from 2001 to 2010.

About our collaborators:

Qi (the pen name of the author of The Codeless Code) has been a professional software developer since the days of the Apple II, and an amateur writer and artist since he was first able to hold a crayon. By day he works mostly as a developer/architect of Java-based Enterprise systems through his own consulting company, but by night he may be found writing or illustrating the latest installment of The Codeless Code.  Qi holds both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science, and has built systems for various research and telecommunications agencies.

Qi has a passion for teaching, and has always considered mentoring the best part of leading a team.  Professionally he has taught long-format courses in C++, Java and Perl5, as well as introductions to object-oriented design and development.  His many years of communicating with neophytes about technical issues has given him a great deal of practice as a technical illustrator, as well a strong appreciation for the role of designers in creating useful systems and elegant information graphics.

Although the exaggerated cruelty in some of his stories might lead you to think otherwise, Qi is really quite gentle, and almost never administers fatal beatings.