It is getting late. I am procrastinating (again) and thinking what it must be like in Hong Kong at 1:45pm. How is tomorrow? Have you had lunch yet? Is it hot? Hotter than it's been here? At risk of cliché I talk about the weather. Or maybe not. It is September in San Francisco and the hot season, plus global warming. Yesterday it was 95 degrees fahrenheit in Marin County. We haven't seen fog for days. It is still dry. We wait for the congealing storms of El Niño to come douse us in a few months. 

I think that you might be traveling to Detroit. Maybe you are crossing all those time zones right now. 

I sit at the table with two separate writing projects that sit undone. My daughter is painfully losing a tooth. She keeps coming out of her room looking entirely awake, for another book or glass of water. It has been a long day. At the same moment in your world it is already tomorrow and you are one day closer to the weekend. 

Our schedules have slid past each other so often now that work and childrearing have taken our time away from us. This is part of modern life. In two years you have moved 9641 km to Hong Kong where you have become an administrator and an ex-pat wife. I have become a San Francisco homeschooling/working mother DIYing it out here as best as I can while the city changes around me palpably as it grows richer and more crowded each day. Each of us is playing economic double dutch in two of the most expensive cities in the world. How did we get here?

I think about Qi's explanations of world lines...I imagine them as stitches on a cloth, carefully counted, but impossible to anticipate. When I can no longer wrap my brain around the progression of the lines, I simply watch their dance. Sometimes, we just observe....